Where in the World is Frank Sparrow?

By Angela Betzien

UK TOUR 5 to 21 January 2020

20 February 7.00pm

21 February 7.00pm with Post show Q&A

22 February 2.00pm

Drama Centre

MYTC is touring the UK with this unique Australian play. Weaving stark urban reality with the mythical underworld of the dead. Against this grim backdrop the young hero, Frank Sparrow, must face dangers and trials, overcoming weakness, finding romance and facing death.

Angela Betzien reinvents the hero’s journey and propels its audience through the dangerous streets of Shadow City and into the dark underworld of change and transformation.

Featuring Karan Achar, Geordie Bartle, Leo Brown, Olivia Bunyan, Daniel Clayton, Felix Khan, Amalea Lawrence, Olivia Sartori and Lara Wood

Directed by Gregory Jones

Scenography by Tess Reuvers

Costume Design by Jay Waugh

Sound Design by Joe Lui

Movement Direction by Matt Dewson