By Scott Alderdice

Wed 3 to Sat 6 November, 7.00pm

Friday 5 November (Post-show Q & A)

Drama Centre

Christ Church Grammar School

On 13 January, 2013 the Warrumbungles National Park burned. Fifteen thousand hectares of forest were obliterated in an afternoon. The loss of animal life and habitat was devastating.

Fire gives voice to those silenced by the flames. It rejoices in their lives, honours their passing and urges us to take decisive action before Australia’s flora and fauna are gone forever; a message that has only grown in its relevance.

Performed by Year 9 and 10 students

Directed by Kalika Duck

Set Design by Stephanie Cullingford

Costume Design by Jay Waugh

Sound Design by Joe Paradise Lui

Lighting Design by Tess Reuvers

Assistant Direction by Katharina Brieden


$25 Adult $20 Concession

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