Silas Marner

Book, Music and Lyrics by John Taylor

World Premiere

13 to 16 March 2019

Drama Centre

First published in 1861, this is the tale of a man’s spiritual death and rebirth through rearing a foundling with the help of the village community. This classic has never been out of print. George Eliot called it merely ‘a story of old-fashioned village life’ one which she knew, even in her own time, was passing away under the effects of the Industrial Revolution.

Featuring Christopher Alvaro, Aleisha Archer, Alice Chaney, Chloe Cooper, Adam Di Tullio, Kyle Garces, Andrew Lawrance, Kieran Lynch, Charles Macgregor, Connor Mathiessen, Kylana McIntosh, Matthew Minchin, Delia Price, Jessica Reynolds, Madeleine Shaw, Gabriel Sheehan and Megan West.

Directed by Gregory Jones
Musical Direction by Jackson Griggs
Choreography by Claire Nichols
Set Design by Stephanie Cullingford
Costume Design by Jay Waugh
Sound Design by Ella Portwine
Lighting Design by Tess Reuvers


$30 Adults $25 Concession