Stalking Matilda

by Tee O’Neill

15 to 18 May 2019

Drama Centre

Matilda, a young woman of the first world, walks into the ocean and is never seen again. What was her involvement in the fire? What did she know about the body? Was she a victim or an aggressor?  A fighter against prejudice or its ingenious practitioner?

Playwright Tee O’Neill draws upon the dark world of film noir and the high drama of Greek chorus in her tale of surveillance, suspicion and subterfuge. A tale that draws the audience into a not too distant future of borders and betrayals. A world of the marginalised and the mysterious. A world where somebody, something is Stalking Matilda.

Directed by Kalika Duck

Set Design by Stephanie Cullingford

Costume Design by Jay Waugh

Lighting Design by Tess Reuvers



$25 Adults $20 Concession