Midnite has commissioned numerous playwrights since its inception in 1987 and we are excited to be launching these works to the public soon.

We hope schools and theatre companies young and old will enjoy these plays too!

We currently have playwright, Michelle McCormick writing on On the Road to Win Friends and Influence People.


Scripts available :

The Lab Rat by Rhiannon Petersen

Form/Style: non realism, contemporary, ensemble, one-act, physical, chorus, presentational, surreal

Length in minutes: 50mins

Cast: 11+

Roles: 2 male identifying, 1 female identifying, 8+ gender unspecified

Cast type: open ensemble

Themes: control, chaos, identity, mental health, rites of passage/transition, resilience, power, political, social, moral dilemma, choice, memory, inventiveness, hope, change, belonging, alienation, adolescence

Cast age groups: 12 to 16, 16 to 18

Audience age: adult, all ages

For more information contact midnite@ccgs.wa.edu.au